Europe has long been home to the world’s top banks and financial institutions But recently, there has been an air of desperation  not seen since the recession of 2007. This is not due to the tensions caused by US President Donald Trump or the risk to the global economy of a new recession. It is, in fact, something new and shocking.

The big banks are terrified that online traders now, finally, have access to a trading platform so revolutionary they have been trying to keep it under wraps for many years. Now, these old bankers who held so much power and privilege must make way for a new kind of millionaire, young, working from their phone or laptop and beating the bankers at their own game.

But attempts to shut it down have failed, thanks to the internet. Silicon Valley may have already created millionaires and billionaires through new startups like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. But the holders of this wealth were also the guys at the top, who got in early. Now, a few very smart people have put together a software system that opens up the potentially lucrative world of CFD trading to anybody, in almost any country, who just has an internet connection and a few minutes per day. And this has made the City bankers so upset of late.

What we are referring to is an online trading method called “Contracts for Difference” or “CFD”. CFD trading is not new, its been around for a while. But only recently, with regulation relaxed in Europe have regular, non finance experts been able to start trading with it. In fact, these days with the new technology created by TradeBanking, it is easier than ever to setup a trading account. It used to be only used by powerful banks with million dollar budgets. But now, any person with a small amount of cash can enter CFD trading at the click of a mouse or tap of their smartphone. This is the evolution of Finance and Technology, recently known as the “Fintech Revolution”, putting real trading power into everybody’s hands.

So, what is “CFD trading” and how do regular folks allegedly manage to earn enough to buy sports cars or even private islands? CFD is actually so simple, this is part of its appeal and success. There are only 2 possible outcomes, win or lose. You decide whether the price of a stock like Amazon or Facebook will go up or down. Stock prices fluctuate every day, so there is always a chance to earn money if you can predicted the correct movement more often than not. This doesn’t explain the rise in successful traders. What is their secret?

We spoke to Darryl Kane of Kane Associates, a firm advising wealthy clients on how to invest their money. Kane usually manages the fortunes of lottery winners, premier league footballers and popstars who came into a lot of money, very quickly. Kane’s research revealed “over 80% of our new clients earned their money in CFD trading”. Kane would not divulge how much his clients earn from CFD due to confidentiality agreements.

So, we might yet see more “instant millionaires”. But if trading CFD trading is lucrative, why doesn’t everyone do it? Well, this is the key to it. Due to regulations, only a limited number of people can join per day. We asked around the different brokers and most had already filled their quotas. Eventually, we got talking to TradeBanking, one of the leading brokerage firms for CFD trading and also the one used by famous British multi-millionaire trader Jake Perry. We asked them to explain how it all works.

The process is surprisingly simple. First, you open a free trading account with them, usually you must be invited by an existing trader but most people can sidestep this as we explain below. Once you have an account, you need to deposit some money to trade with, the minimum starting amount is $250. This is like putting money into your online “wallet”.  You can deposit more if you want, the more you start with the quicker your money grows. But you can always just withdraw it. So, how do we then start trading? You simply choose the investment you want to make, for example to “buy” facebook stock. Then, you can choose to use “leverage” so that you can start earning more quickly if your trade wins. All it takes is the click of a button.

As part of our research, we spoke to Zane (not his real name). He is was one of the top earning CFD traders last month. He shared his experience. “When I started I had no idea what I was doing. I suppose I was expecting to make a little. But then the money started going up. I followed the advice of my account manager. And the more money you have in your account, the higher it can potentially rise, if that makes sense.

To be honest, I felt more anxious than excited at first. I didn’t believe it was happening. I let it run for a month and then “cashed out”. I only started with a relatively small amount but made A LOT more than that. I paid off my student debt and I’m going to travel around America for a few weeks while I think about what to spend the rest on. I’ll keep on trading, too. Its easier than a day job. I’m very grateful for being accepted by the broker. Zane would not reveal how much he earned but he has clearly been successful.

Our investigation into CFD trading led us to realize that while CFD trading is clearly a new way to trade online much easier than Forex or risky binary options, there is one difficulty. It’s hard these days to find a broker with good auto trading software that will accept new clients. It is also expected that  it is only a matter of time before the government try to restrict it, causing a rush to get on board while there is still time. There is some good news though, after speaking with TradeBanking about their service they have offered limited places for Finance Codex readers to sign up and test out the service.

It should be noted, before you go signing up for it, that not every trader is going to earn huge sums of money from it. But these days, people are more inclined to take a risk rather than wonder “what if”. It is also VITAL that you work with a regulated broker to avoid being victim to any online scam. Only TradeBanking has instant trading with leverage so you can scale up your profits. If you do decide to trade, we would  like to hear from you about your experience. If you sign up for TradeBanking , please tell us how you got on. And if you did earn profit, what did you buy with it?